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  • Property Share is an online marketplace that allows users to directly own completed real estate with other like-minded owners.

  • Before listing new offerings on the platform, Property Share researches opportunities in the market and shortlists specific properties that fulfill your ownership criteria. Once listed, the properties dashboard will contain detailed information on the location, key highlights, pricing, indicative model and legal diligence reports that help you in making an informed decision.

  • Since Property Share is only a marketplace you can transfer your amount straight to the Seller’s bank account.

  • Property Share allows you to own specific properties in specific locations that are of interest to you rather than in a pool of properties across asset classes (residential, office, retail) and geographies like a REIT. REITs also typically charge very high fees, sometimes in the range of 10-15% and are publicly traded leading to higher volatility.


  • You can exit your ownership in two ways:

    • Resale of your ownership share:You can choose to sell your share in the property to anyone at a mutually agreed price either privately or through the Property Share platform
    • Sale of property
    • If a sale is mandated by the co-owners, the property manager will sell the property and you will receive your share from the exit proceeds.

  • You will pay an upfront one-time brokerage of 2% of the property value. In case you decide to use our property management service, you will pay 15% of rents as property management fee. Click here to visit our property management website.

  • Property Share believes in 100% transparency in reporting. All property documents, rental agreements, tenancy details, lawyer reports and documents will be available through your dashboard at all times. Detailed monthly financials are also made available through the dashboard.

    Property tours for viewings will be organized every 6 months for co-owners including a chance to meet and interact with the tenants.

  • Property Share is a platform that provides you with relevant information that helps you make informed decisions on real estate. However, Property Share does not make any recommendations about any property and you should carry out your own diligence before committing to purchasing a property.

  • Property Share is just a property marketplace and once a transaction has taken place, the existence of Property Share is irrelevant. As co-owners, you are in no way dependent on Property Share for operations and management.


  • Under current income tax regulations, your share will be taxed in exactly the same manner as if you had purchased the property on your own. You will be paying two kinds of taxes:

    • Rents:: Rents received from the property is taxed at 30.6% after allowing for standard deduction and municipal property taxes
    • Capital Gains::Capital gains on sale (if sold after 3 years) is taxed at 20% after allowing for indexation benefits

    In case you sell your share before exit, you will need to pay taxes on gains as per your marginal tax bracket. Please consult your financial advisor for more details.